The three main portion of the mobile mixing station master structure  Stirring frequently used on mobile station in a small site, or frequent relocation site, Dihai manufacturers through innovative design concept, the production of small mobile batching plant to produce short-term high quality and reasonable price yfjs concrete vibrator need for the transition of the concrete, the company offers a great convenience.     Mobile concrete mixing plant, a high degree of assembly, all the components manufactured in a factory, construction site assembly. 70% reduction in the entire station configuration of high-strength bolts, making installation fast and accurate, the workload is small. Thanks to pin connection, disassembly convenient, conducive to rehabilitation and relocation of mixing station.     Mobile concrete mixing station master structure is divided into the material layer, stirred layer, layer three sections weighing ingredients.     1, the material layer using simple cylindrical legs, the main station is spacious, rational layout, easy operation and maintenance. Especially the master structure using the hinge pin, the material layer driveway spacious, neat and tidy appearance, mixing station overall good image.     2, stirred layer platform with a steel frame yfbj series honda g35 engine eccentric concrete vibrator structure, dual-variable cross-shaped main beam, heavier, rigidity and damping resistance than conventional construction, stirred layer and the material layer steel body with integral base , effectively weakening the vibration from stirring the host; supporting rectangular legs, not only simple structure, and spacious.     3, mobile mixing station batching weighing a total of powder weighing hopper layer two (cement, fly ash), water weighing hopper a liquid additive weighing hopper two and a bucket aggregate stored. All using high-precision weighing sensor, simple installation, easy adjustment and reliable. Powder weighing hopper outlet of automatic control of pneumatic valve, inlet and outlet are made of soft connection, fully enclosed. Additive weighing hopper disposed above the water metering hopper, stainless steel ball valve at the outlet of the discharge.

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